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Childhood Stress

By Jessica M. Wolfal, LPC, MHC

Counselor, Oaks Family Care Center of Brunswick

Did you know that children experience stress? I’m sure you did! However, did you know that sometimes they carry more stress than we ever thought they could? I had always known that children experienced stress, worry and anxiety, but it never felt more real than when it hit my own home. So, I wanted to share with you all the impact of stress on our children and ways that we can help them.

There are three types of stress that children experience: positive, tolerable, and toxic. Positive and tolerable stress are stress they experience that promote resiliency, help with development, and are often short-lived. However, toxic stress – that stress that has a major impact on our children – that is a horse of a different color. Toxic stress is the kind of stress that is excessive and impedes on a child’s ability to cope. These forms of stress can come from moving or a divorce. When we let this kind of stress go, and don’t attempt to help or seek outside help, it can leave lasting impacts on our children’s emotional, mental, and physical health. Did you know children can experience stress on extreme scales like that?

Watching that happen to my own daughter has been hard, but I am glad that I reached out to all my resources and am getting all the help I can. Maybe you are in a position where you are struggling, just like I was, and are wanting to find ways to help your child cope with their stress – good or bad – a little bit better. I have provided a list here of ways that you can help your child to deal with stress. With the right guidance and the right reassurance, you can help your kiddo to learn what works for them that will help them to decompress and destress, as well as find ways that help them to address a stressful emotion.

Another very important source of managing stress is to develop a good, healthy routine for your children and yourself. I’ve also provided you with some thoughts on positive routines that you can begin using with your family.

If you and your family are struggling with stress and anxiety in your home, please reach out to Oaks Family Care Center for help. Our phone number is 330-220-7777 and our email is If you are interested in scheduling a virtual telehealth session, we have a counselor available to help you as well. We are here to help you as you navigate your way through the ocean waves of stress and anxiety. Have a blessed and wonderful week!

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