Programs for Teens

Juvenile Detention Center Ministry

Juvenile Detention Center

Four times each month, Oaks volunteers go to the Juvenile Detention in Medina to share the love of Christ through Bible study, discussion and prayer. We are currently working to develop ways to connect with and stay in touch with teens when they leave the Detention Center.

Teen Makeover

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A Complete Woman is


B eautiful woman begins within

E xercises good judgment

A lways loves

U nderstands the wait

T rusts God for her mate

I nitiates self-control

F unctions as a lady

U tilizes her talents

L ooks her best

You are invited to attend a 7 week program every Monday for girls ages 12-17. The program will help you develop beauty and a positive self-image from the inside out.

Guest speakers will cover the hottest topics such as: dating, sex, drugs, alcohol, career, and MUCH MORE!

After you complete the program you are invited to have your hair and makeup done for a final celebration program.

Teens for Success


Being a teenage girl is not always easy. Life and relationships can be tough. Girls will learn how to start and maintain relationships that support and respect happiness. Girls meet Thursdays throughout the year at the Oaks.

These programs are made possible through a grant from In His Steps Foundation.