Katie’s story



Katie (not her real name) is like so many girls that come through the doors of the Oaks Family Care Center. She is in her early twenties, a high school graduate, holding down a job-just a good kid, and she is pregnant. She comes from a good family, has been in church as she was growing up, has parents who care about her, and she is not married.

Still, like every person that comes through the doors, Katie is unique. Unlike many, Katie is really excited at the thought that she is pregnant. She has always wanted to be a mom and have kids. She has a serious relationship with her boyfriend and feelsthat that is the person with whom she would like to spend her life. She would have liked to be married first, but that is no longer an option.

She has fears about her situation. She knows that her parents are going to be disappointed about her being pregnant and she cares about that. She also knows that once they get over the shock, they will be okay. They really like her boyfriend.

She has found some new fears though. She always wanted to be a mom, but she knows that she might lose the baby because sometimes that happens for natural reasons, so she is afraid to be happy. She is afraid if she is too happy and tells everyone and then something happens to the baby, she will have her own heart deep sorrow to deal with as well as having to tell others.

She also has financial fears. Her job does not pay that much. She does have insurance, but if she keeps the job she will not qualify for any kind of assistance. She is convinced that she will need help from as many sources as possible.

So, like all who discover that they are pregnant, her life is being turned upside down, and there are many important decisions to make. She is fortunate to have parents and the father of the baby who will be supportive, and so the first step is to get past that time of shock and disappointment to reach the point where she can enlist their support.

We could also send her out the door with direction for the next step, something she very much came to the Oaks hoping to resolve-how to find out what kind of government help she does qualify for. And, she leaves the center with her first baby gift in hand-booties and a hathomemade with the hands of love.

She came through the doors, imagining that we would shuffle her off to some dark room and ask her for a urine sample. What she found was the care and love of Jesus in the form of people willing to listen, answer questions and offer information and truth. Before she left, she expressed how glad she was that she took that step and came to us.

The Oaks was not at all what she had imagined.