Infant classes

Bringing Baby Home


When that little one comes home for the first, life in your household is forever changed-in a good way of course. Be prepared for some of those changes.

This class will cover bringing baby home, breastfeeding, bonding, soothing techniques, when to call the doctor, developmental issues, diapering, bathing, and recognizing baby’s needs.

Heart to Heart

Baby is on the way. Life will never be the same! We will look at the journey towards “motherhood”. Whether you decide to be a parent or decide to choose another family to raise your child, this is a journey filled with challenges and blessings.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage

According to Parents Magazine, massaging your baby “… is a great way to bond with baby. What’s more, researchers are finding that massage may promote better sleeping, relieve colic, and perhaps even enhance an infant’s immune system, motor skills, and intellectual development.”

Learn how to massage your baby and begin that bonding process. (For Mom and Dad and Baby)

Infant Safety Classes

Newborns and infants bring many new challenges to our homes and our lives, not the least of which is making their environment safe. This class will cover preventing injuries and choking; kitchen and car seat safety; and a demonstration of CPR.

Prenatal Classes


Baby is on its way and you probably have lots of questions. This Prenatal Class is designed to help answer many of your questions.

Classes cover trimester education, safety issues, labor and delivery (cesarean section), breast and bottle feeding, and nutrition.

Other classes that are offered periodically include Lamaze and Challenges & Remedies of Infant Feeding and Postpartum. Check the Events link on our home page for a complete listing of classes. Main class times are late winter/ early spring and again in the fall.

Attend eight or more classes, groups or counseling appointments throughout the year and you qualify for the Adopt a Family Christmas program.