Brenda’s story



Brenda still has her high school education to finish whereas her boyfriend, Pete, has been out of school for awhile. Brenda is pregnant under what the law defines as statutory rape. While the family has not yet pressed charges, other agencies in Brenda’s life may. In the crisis center Brenda seems pleasant enough but during the intake interview issues start to emerge. She has been diagnosed with severe depression in the past. She has a hard time focusing on her school work.

Brenda’s grandmother has just moved into the home after the death of her husband. Brenda is part of a blended family, dealing with the issue of parental control. In the past, Brenda has had a hard time accepting her mother’s boyfriends. Her mom, who has accompanied her to the center, agrees with Brenda that those issues are beginning to resolve themselves as her respect for her step father grows. She and her mom both agree that she has anger issues that need to be dealt with.

Brenda’s mom is angry too. Her daughter has been violated. Her home continues to be violated by Pete who does not respect the boundaries that she has set for her home. She has considered allowing him to move in to help care for the baby after it is born. Still she has serious reservations given his behavior as well as her daughter’s. She feels alone because Pete’s family thinks that Brenda’s pregnancy is wonderful. Their pleasure is in such stark contrast to her angry feelings.

Another consideration is Brenda’s biological father. He lives in another part of the country and seldom even talks to Brenda much less sees her. Brenda is truly afraid to tell him she is pregnant for fear of his angry response. In light of this complicated picture, Brenda and her mom have come to the Oaks with one question on their minds and hearts. “What do we do?”   Praise God that aborting the baby is not an option anyone is considering.

While the situation is difficult, it is for just such scenarios that God created the Oaks. Here, Brenda can receive proof of pregnancy to get the ball rolling for her care. She eventually leaves the center with her arms full of information to help her make decisions about her baby. Because there is a trained clinical counselor on staff, the family issues of boundaries, anger, and even telling her biological dad about the baby will be addressed, as well as personal issues like making good decisions. She is plugged into a prenatal class where she will receive solid information on all facets of her pregnancy. She also has become more familiar with other services offered at the Oaks. Her mom will be ministered to in a class for parents of difficult teens and will have access to advice regarding legal options and procedures.

Blessings to come from this pregnancy will be a stronger family and a more mature teenager.