Betty Barlow


Betty Barlow-PCC-S, LPC, SW, NCC, CCBT, cAS, cDV

Betty is a Licensed Counselor with Supervisory Status. She has experience as a Medina County social worker, a Residential Therapeutic Counselor, and has served as Director of Abuse Recovery at Akron Pregnancy Center.

Her greatest growth has come from being a parent to her 3 children, as well as serving as a foster and adoptive parent. Betty has used her home, her counseling experience, and her God-given gifts to minister to hurting women, meeting their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Betty and her husband, Stan, along with friends and family, founded the Oaks Family Care Center in 1997. Since its inception, the center has served thousands of clients in Brunswick and the surrounding area by providing counseling, educational classes, and material goods assistance.

Our professional counselors are licensed through the state of Ohio.