New Medical Services!

We are excited to announce that we, here at the Oaks, are expanding our medical services to women!  While we have always provided free pregnancy tests, we now are offering free limited obstetric ultrasounds to women on Thursdays!  Our ultrasounds are for women in their first and second trimester and will assist them by measuring the gestational age of their pregnancy and allowing them to see their baby’s heartbeat.

To help facilitate these new services we now have certified medical professionals on our staff, so you may see some new friendly faces at the Oaks.  Megann Welsh is our new nurse manager who is excited to work with clients throughout their pregnancies with compassionate care, counseling, and education.  We also have a sonographer on staff, Maureen Kerr, who is passionate about working with pregnant women and providing them the opportunity to see the small life that is growing in their womb!  We at the Oaks feel that we have a wonderful opportunity to serve our community through these programs.

These medical services will compliment well the rest of the services that the Oaks already provides to pregnant women and their families in education, counseling, and material assistance.  Please help us get the word out about our expanded medical services so that we are able to make our assistance and support available to the women and families in our community!  We look forward to seeing you at the Oaks soon!